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Filey Beach – Gorgeous 5 miles golden sandy beach


Filey beach is located on the East Coast of North Yorkshire, known for its sandy beach and Filey Brigg.


Number 12 Yorkshire Holiday House  is 5 mins walk to Filey Beach.

A little quieter than some  of the other resorts along the North Yorkshire Coast. Filey beach is the perfect choice for those who want to unwind by the coast while avoiding all the crowds.  However Filey beach is quite busy all year round especially during the summer months as Filey has lots to offer.

There are many walking trails that you can access the beach from. One of the trails is from Glen gardens where there’s a play area and café with boating lake.  On the prom above the beach there are toilets and a café and beach huts for hire. If you’re looking for a family friendly beach, Filey beach is the right place for you. The water is shallow and safe for all the family.

The UK Beach Guide describes Filey beach as “The glorious 5 mile stretch of golden sand” stretches from the rocky peninsula of Filey Brigg to the north down to Bempton Cliffs, home to an RSPB reserve. At low tide, the beach is over quarter of a mile wide. The southern end is quiet and a favourite place for families and dog walkers alike. The northern end has the town of Filey. Stunning views at every time of year.

Here’s a little bit of history for you…

Back in the late 4th century the Romans built on Carr Naze, a signal station where soldiers watched for Saxon raiders.  In 1857 the station was excavated as base stones were found and are now displayed in the crescent Gardens in Filey.

As far as the 12th century Filey has been known as a farming and fishing village. Filey men were fishing as far away as Whitby and Grimsby.

Filey was a small village until the 18th century when visitors from Scarborough arrived seeking the peace and quiet. It has retained many of its features and that’s what made it popular during Victorian and Edwardian times.

Filey Beach  Filey Beach   Filey Beach   Filey Beach

It might be a quieter option, but there’s still plenty to be offered to its guests.  A mile north of the town is Filey Brigg, a dramatic peninsula famed for its fossils and rock pools that are brimming with sea life, and also marks the end/start of The Cleveland Way Walk. The beach is lined with a historical promenade with Sculpture Trail and beach chalets.

Filey Beach  Filey Beach   Filey Beach   Filey Beach

Filey Brigg steep cliffs are 20 metres high and consist of a variety of material, from pure sandstone to pure limestone. The landward end of the peninsula of Filey Brigg is known as Carr Naze, whilst the long neck of rock at the seaward end is called the Brigg. In the early 1970s the fields on top of the Brigg were turned into Filey Brigg Country Park. The biology and geology of Filey Brigg place it among Sites of Special Scientific Interest in North Yorkshire.

You can get to Filey Brigg with a short walk that starts at the small tarmac car park closest to the Brigg (Pay & Display). Follow the compacted limestone path towards the National Trails obelisk. The obelisk marks the end of the 110 mile Cleveland Way National Trail and also the end of the 78 mile long Yorkshire Wolds Way.

At high water it is not possible to walk off Filey Brigg back onto the beach. You will have to go up the cliffs or wait for the tide to go out. The cliffs are really dangerous in places and the few ways up are not easy foot paths. Possibly the biggest danger on Filey Brig is the slippery rocks.

If you pick a time when the tide is low you could walk the entire beach looking for the remnants of the ship wrecks scattered about, rock pools etc. we have walked the entire beach from Primrose Bay to Filey Brigg return approximately 3 hours, to Speeton Cliffs return about four hours with plenty fresh air and all for free. There are fossils in the cliffs, a foreshore that extends a long way out at low tide, and rock pools on the Brigg.

Filey beach is one of the safest beaches in the UK. The beach slopes gently and there are no deeper parts to catch you out of your depth. It also has a life guard in the summer. One of the most popular things to do in Filey for children is to spend hours messing on the beach and in the sea.

Filey Brigg  Filey Brigg   Filey Brigg  Filey Brigg

The town is 5 minutes walk from the beach where you’ll find a fantastic range of restaurants from authentic Italian cuisine to local seafood restaurants, cafes and small shops. There are numerous local places of interest to visit and explore. Walk, cycle, relax on a train, gaze out of a bus window, cruise the sea or explore scenic back roads by car.

  Filey town  Filey Beach  Filey Beach

Number 12 Yorkshire Holiday House is a great base for families get together. 5 minute walk to Filey beach, 3 minute walk to Filey town centre, restaurants, cafes and shops. Less than 2 minute walk to bus and train station.

There’s plenty of places to explore in and around Filey. So why not bring your kids along to find out what Filey has to offer. You and your family can spend days exploring Filey beach and the vast array of rock pools, walk to the end of the brigg at low tide and enjoy the rocks and cliffs.

Filey beach is one of the safest beaches in the UK. The beach slopes gently and there are no deeper parts to catch you out of your depth. It also has a life guard in the summer. One of the most popular things to do in Filey for children is to spend hours messing on the beach and in the sea.

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