Steampunk Filey

The first Steampunk Weekend in Filey was in May 2017. It was when the whole town supported this project and many shop windows were decorated. It has become an annual event for locals and visitors to look forward to.  Steampunk Trail starts from the Evron Centre, along the Crescent Gardens, to the Masonic Hall. Events and activities include a Steampunk themed concert, entertainment on the streets and in the Crescent Gardens, Steampunk Traders in the Masonic Hall, Street Food, Best Dressed Steampunk and much more..

Steampunk can be a fusion of our Victorian or Western history and science fiction or fantasy. It could also be magic or it could be borrowed from a time period.

Steampunk has a feel of inventions, adventure, science and discovery. Those who enjoy taking part in this event can be very creative with their costumes which can include locks, cogs, goggles, airships, weapons and all different unusual looks.

There’s so much fun during Steampunk Weekend in Filey.


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