Filey Fishtive Tree

Introduced in 2017 and named “Fishtive Tree” by a local schoolchild. It is a huge Christmas tree made of crab and lobster pots decorated with beautiful Christmas lights. It gets set up every Christmas at the coble landing and surrounded by the town’s traditional fishing boats. It is topped off with a large Salmon instead of of a star or an angel. It is designed to celebrate Filey’s fishing heritage. People look forward to having it set up every year as it has become a popular place to visit over the festive season.

The first Saturday in December is the switch-on event, after it gets dark. Local musicians and also real snow are part of the annual Christmas entertainment when it gets lit up. An amazing atmosphere experienced by the locals and visitors when they all join in the count down for the lights to be switched on. The tree stays lit up till the first week of January. The snow machine works each weekend throughout December and the holiday season days.

When it’s dark, no one can miss spotting this enormous beautiful lit up Christmas tree from any point along Filey Bay. Filey Fishtive Tree is unique and you can take some cherished photos of your family standing next to it. Kids also enjoy taking photos sitting in the seal driven sleigh and the Christmas tractor, which were also designed by local school children.

Filey is very proud of this free event, paid for and organised by Filey Fishermen and local businesses. Supported by Filey Tourism and Trade Association, the local schools and community groups. Donations can be made if visitors wish to do so. The raised money gets shared among Filey youth projects and groups.


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